Daniel Thompson hails from Goessel, Kansas, a small town set in the rural plains of wheat fields, oil wells and long stretches of highway. A visionary writer, producer, and musician, he calls his sound “twang” music, and his debut release “Distant Look EP” (April 2, 2019) refines and defines this sound: an amalgamation of carefully layered classic rock tones; sharp and loose; a volatile dance with the stream of consciousness. His songs establish a challenging relationship with the listener: confronting the ego, redemption, love — built under the holy rafters of pop-music. Propelled by his prolific creativity and the meticulous attention to detail, keep an eye on Daniel Thompson’s delivery in the coming years as he fulfills the prerequisites for greatness. The “Distant Look EP” is a stand-alone piece to be reckoned with, and is undoubtedly the beginning of a timeless, evolving body of work to be approached from any angle.